National Interior Design Competition BLANK “Yo diseño en Venezuela” (“I design in Venezuela”). SOLE WINNER

LOCATIONLechería, Venezuela.
COMPLETION DATESeptiembre 2013.
GROSS INTERNAL AREA4 Vitrinas de 12,5m² c/u.
PARTICIPANTSArq. Ana Villanueva, Arq. Adolfo Porras, Arq. Adriana Salazar, Arq. Zahirit Porras, Arq. Alexis Guaiquirian.

The competition requirement was to develop a series of displays representing the essence of designer Titina Penzini as a model to be analyzed, so the focus was more on the way she thinks. In order to achieve this, we took Sigmund Freud’s hypothesis, using Id, Ego, and Super-ego as our basis, exploring, through a fictitious introspection, how they could become visual spaces, in order to turn them into displays. Within the Super-ego, the content provided by formation structures: educational, moral, and religious, is very important. Therefore, we thought how Titina could have been raised, defining this as a space where finishes are soaked with lightness. An internal patio and wood roofs indicate this could be a Venezuelan house, where the key piece is the tuxedo, presented on a mannequin, which makes us think the fatherly figure is a substantial part of this train of thought. The Ego places us within a space where visceral emotions are its main framework. The leading and sculptural piece in this display is a white spiral stairway from floor to ceiling, which gives a sense of infinity, representing Titina’s independency. The background is filled with tensed vines that represent pleasures and emotions. The third display overturns us to the realism of the Id. Being the most controlled and mediating space of all, is establishes stability along with reasoning. The horse represents a defense, key element of the psychoanalytical theory. Finally, the last display, represents the subconscious Big Bang; a clash where everything collides and mixes up.