PRO-A Estudio was created in Caracas in the year 2000 as a contingency plan, in order to address the specific issue regarding the need of some actual space for students to do their dissertations. In 2002, it becomes an “official office” with the partnership of Architects Tatiana Casanova (USB 2002), Manuel Bello (USB 2002), and Francisco Silva (USB 2002). After three years the studio is moved to the city of Lechería, where it merges with Bauplan Estudio until 2009. During this period, the office develops big scale sports, commercial, and residential projects. In 2009, it is separated from Bauplan Estudio, and gets constituted as PRO-A Estudio again, in the city of Barcelona, headed by Tatiana Casanova and Francisco Silva. In this new phase the studio combined academic activities (Centro de Estudios Superior de Diseño in Monterrey, Mexico, and Universidad de Oriente in Puerto La Cruz, Venezuela) with new project experiences of diverse scales, both in the commercial, and residential area, developing tenders, projects, and construction work in and out of Venezuela. PRO-A has been part of different lectures and seminars, not only regarding projects developed by the studio, but as collaborator in the broadcasting and critique of architecture and urban topics.