Apartment 213

LOCATIONLechería, Venezuela.
COMPLETION DATESeptiembre 2014.
PROJECT MANAGEMENTArq. Maurice Canard, Arq. Adolfo Porras, Arq. Adriana Salazar.
PARTICIPANTSArq. Ana Villanueva, Arq. Alexis Guaiquirian, Arq. Carmelo Savarino.

At the beginning, this apartment had a well defined foyer, as well as an integrated space between the living room, the dining room, and the kitchen. From there, the access to the terrace opens up, revealing a view towards the canals, an outing to daily life. The private area comprises a guest room, and a secondary bedroom, with a shared bathroom, along with the main bedroom with a built-in bathroom. The initial concept was to amplify the social area, integrating the foyer with all other areas, allowing them to become a unified space, having, from its access, a complete view of it all. As the dining and living rooms represent very important elements, they were highlighted with a wall and ceiling work to define them as of different quality, although they belong to the same space. The dinning room is higher, which gives it a focus point within the space, while it is framed by the view and the supporting furniture. On the other hand, the living room is defined within a niche, to hold both relaxing and meeting activities. Both areas are enhanced by contrasting colors within a range of neutral tones, which make them pop up through different textures and finishes.