Villa 185

LOCATIONUrbanización Las Villas, Complejo Turístico El Morro, Lechería, Venezuela
PLOT AREA1.072 m²
PROJECT MANAGEMENTArq. Francisco Silva, Arq. Tatiana Casanova
PARTICIPANTSIsmael Guzmán, Arq. Maurice Canard.

As a design premise during the conception of this project, the choice was to take advantage of the plot’s geometry that widens longitudinally from its access through the avenue until its limits with the golf course in the area, in order to create a house that opens its circulations to the views, and to the wind’s direction. Over that double directionality, a uniform cover is located. It folds or opens up to control, according to the moment, all views and the relationship between the house and its patios. The resulting shape, similar to a Z, is coupled to a lower volume that contains all service areas, and a terrace and gym on the upper floor. This contributes to the house front definition, and encloses the 75 sq. ft. tree patio, which gives a fresh vibe to the central core. The shape of the cover permits the integration of the main access porch to one of their fold sides, which along with a marquee, create an entry space matching the building scale. The result is a set of public spaces on the lower floor, and private spaces on the upper floor, which seem to be surrounded by green areas. Vertical circulation is located in the double height room that connects both patios by closing down towards the neighbors, and strips towards the internal space, thanks to the configuration of the cover. The visual ending of the social areas is the main patio, at the back, where the swimming pool and landscaping is located. The green path is reinforced by communicating both patios by a limit, integrating all retreats.